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The Association

Pro Loco Ripafratta "Salviamo La Rocca" aps is a non-profit association, founded in 2012 by the citizens of Ripafratta and various local associations with the aim of promoting the recovery of the Rocca di San Paolino and its territory

The association is registered with the Regional Register of Social Promotion Associations and the Register of pro-loco of the province of Pisa. It is also a member of the National Union Pro Loco d'Italia (UNPLI).

What do we do

The association promotes initiatives, comparisons and projects to get to the recovery of the Rocca di San Paolino and the redevelopment of its territory. It also organizes events, guided tours, excursions, conferences, publications, to make known the historical heritage, the village, the landscape of Ripafratta and the surrounding area.

Ripafratta Civic Center

Since 2017, the association has managed the municipal civic center "E. Del Genovese" of Ripafratta, where it has its headquarters. The structure, with its rooms and its equipment, is available to associations and citizens of the territory for meetings, meetings, assemblies, courses.

Agreements and conventions

The association is part of a "Promoting Committee for the recovery of the Rocca di Ripafratta" formed together with the Municipality of San Giuliano Terme and the University of Pisa, in application of a protocol signed in 2019.


The Pro Loco Ripafratta "Salviamo La Rocca" aps has also joined the project "Adopt a stream", promoted by the Consorzio di Bonifica Toscana Nord for the monitoring of the waterways of the territory: Ozzeri channel, Rio di Ripafratta, Fosso di Farneta.


A further agreement with the Consorzio di Bonifica Basso Valdarno allows the association to make guided tours overlooking the Fosso del Mulino, in the heart of the village of Ripafratta.

The "Fortezze di confine" group (Border Fortresses)

The Pro Loco Ripafratta "Salviamo La Rocca" aps has formed, together with the association "Il Castello" of Nozzano (LU), the Gruppo Archeologico Vecchianese (PI), and the Pisan section of Italia Nostra Onlus, the group "Fortezze di Confine" to promote the enhancement and recovery of the entire fortified border system between Pisa and Lucca. The group organises events and joint visits.

Pro Loco Ripafratta
"Salviamo La Rocca" aps
Associazione di promozione sociale
Codice fiscale 93076690507


Registered Office

via Statale Abetone, 264
56017 - Ripafratta (PI)
c/o Centro Civico Comunale

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Honorary President: Nicola Aliberti

Board of Directors

President: Baldassare Fronte
Vicepresident vicar: Sandro Dell'Innocenti
Vicepresidents: Enrico Bustaffa, Marta Madrigali
Secretary: Elena Ricci
Treasurer: Edoardo Spataro
Gaetano Angelici
Lavinia Bianchi
Michele Biondi
Livio Burbi
Paola Caridi
Guido Colaone
Luca Magnozzi
Marzia Mengali
Francesco Noferi

Working Groups

Culture, Tourism and Training Group
Events Group
Urban Renewal Group
Logistics and Territory Group
Communication Group
Fundraising Group